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Test Wedding Post

Blah di blah, description goes here.


How am I doing?

Good and bad crit welcomed, let me know what I'm doing wrong or right. It's good to know both ways, so I can see if people are satisfied or what to improve.

Anon is on, IP logging is off


Paradisa Application

JOURNAL: prof_ryoki
EMAIL: luthiena_the_potato_queen@yahoo.co.uk
AIM: luthienabler
WIKI NAME: prof_ryoki
CHARACTERS: Ukitake Jyuushiro, Tres Iqus, Szayel Aporro Grantz, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce.

FANDOM: Trinity Blood
CANON: As she is on her way to 'peace talks' with Cain, before her death
WHAT THEY LOST: The rosary she constantly wears around her neck. Her most precious possession, and something she is never without.

PERSONALITY: The main core of Lilith's personality is her caring nature and the endless love she has for the world and everything in it. She never loses her patience or belief that nobody is ever beyond redemption or forgiveness.

She was part of the Red Mars Project, one of four genetically enhanced clones that were created as laboratory rats to endure the harsher conditions that would inevitably come with populating a new planet. However, unlike her 'siblings' - Abel, Cain and Seth - she harboured no resentment towards those that made them, just ever grateful for her chance at life and to help those around her. She worked at the Head of the Medical unit in the Red Mars project, following her desire to help others by healing them and working tirelessly for the good of all.

Even after her three siblings lead the Returners back to Earth with the aim of starting a war that will destroy the world, she never loses her belief that they can love humanity as she does. She abhors violence, peaceful to the core, and will try to resolve any situations that present themselves with calming words. But she won't hesitate to make hard choices or join in a confrontation if it becomes necessary, even choosing to make enemies of the three people she loves the most to stand against them as the sole protector of humanity.

She became the Vatican's saviour, their self-professed saint, and it was only through her efforts they weren't wiped out and even managed to push the Returners back to what became the New Human Empire of the Methuselah, where Seth made her domain and ruled as Empress.

Lilith possesses something of a matyr complex, not afraid to face her own death at the hands of her own brother to end the war. The needs of others will always sit above her own wellbeing or safety, and her belief that there is still good in everyone can often be a big weakness of hers.

THIRD-PERSON WRITING SAMPLE: The stench of blood was heavy in the air, the bodies of both the Vatican operatives and the Returners littering the decimated shell of what had once been a beautiful town in Albion. The guards that flanked her on both sides blanched, pale and disgusted at the sight, unwilling to move closer.

Not Lilith.

It was without fear that she stepped out, bare feet silently padding down a street slick with blood. Compassion and a deep sadness fell over her face, golden eyes reflecting a sorrow for lives lost, but more than that, a pity for the ones who felt they needed to lash out so violently. Her poor lost family, how her heart ached for the deep pain they felt that had driven them to this. Still so like children, afraid and lost, hiding behind violence against a world she knew they didn't truly hate.

A bitter wind whipped vibrant red hair behind her, the soft chiming of bells ringing out as though to soothe the souls of the departed. She paused by the body of a child, his mother laying barely three feet away with dead arms outstretched. With a quiet prayer, she scooped the child into her arms and gently placed it back in the arms of the mother.

Moving further through the shell of the once prosperous town, rubble and ash crunching softly under her feet, he finally saw what she had come to see. The three of them stood like demi-gods or avenging angels, revelling in the death they had brought on the innocents scattered around them.

So seemingly delighted, and so lost. Her fingers curled around the rosary at her chest and she offered up a fervent prayer for them to find their way, and listen to the truth of their hearts.

FIRST-PERSON WRITING SAMPLE: [This was not the Ark, nor Earth, she knew this instinctively when she opened her eyes.

Had Cain brought her somewhere else, trying to wrong-foot her?

A soft chiming of bells sounded over the journal she had yet to notice open by her bedside, as she moved over to the window and looked down at the strange new world she found herself in.

Her fingers went to curl around her rosary, only to find it missing.]

Where am I?

[Her voice was quiet, but calm. Wherever she had found herself, she would find her way back to the Ark and this war would finally end.]


Lilith Sahl

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